We Can Be Biodiversity Heroes!

We can be Biodiversity Heroes

We Can Be Biodiversity Heroes


Have you done something to help conserve biodiversity? Or, do you know someone who have done heroic acts for biodiversity?

Share your story with us through the We Can Be Heroes social media campaign. You may also submit stories of friends, family, colleagues or other individuals you personally know who have done something to help conserve biodiversity.

This social media campaign aims to collect short stories of biodiversity conservation from the public and be shared with others through social media. Through the campaign, we will highlight how simple individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds do simple but significant tasks on how one can protect and conserve biodiversity. Yes, even the simplest actions can be shared in the social media campaign to inspire others to do the same.

Listed below are some examples of the types of stories we are looking for. However, don’t limit yourself to this list. There are a lot of other steps that may be taken to conserve biodiversity. Heroic acts could be one of the following:

  • A youth leader who is engaging fellow youth in performing simple but significant conservation activities
  • An individual who is leading a tree planting campaign
  • A local government leader who has successfully adopted and implemented a biodiversity action plan
  • A conservation worker who has implemented significant conservation initiatives to bring together the traditional knowledge of indigenous and local communities and modern science
  • A media practitioner or publisher who helps bridge the communication gap between biodiversity experts and the general public
  • A scientist whose research led to the identification of new species
  • A biodiversity advocate whose conservation project has resulted in positive change in communities
  • A park manager or worker who has dedicated his or her life to protecting a heritage park or a protected area
  • An anti-wildlife trafficking police who is upholding the rights of wildlife against poachers and traffickers
  • A professor who is actively involved in national strategies to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
  • A national government official who has demonstrated strong leadership in the discussion of biodiversity issues in the national and global arenas
  • A biodiversity information specialist whose research, analysis, and presentation of biodiversity information and related scientific data has provided crucial support to biodiversity initiatives
  • A company CEO who is actively implementing a business and biodiversity initiative and transforming the way his or her company manages and invests in nature


We’d love to see some action pictures too.

Selected stories and photos will be posted on ACB’s website and Facebook. Some of these stories will have the opportunity to be featured in a collection of stories that will be released in August 2017.


Be a part of the We Can Be Biodiversity Heroes campaign! Inspire others to take action by sharing your story.


You may also your story and pictures to heroes@aseanbiodiversity.org with the subject WE CAN BE BIODIVERSITY HEROES.

Stories should be in Word format with a maximum of 500 words. Photos should be in JPEG format.


We look forward to reading and sharing your story!

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