What is a Biodiversity Hero?

Biodiversity heroes and heroines are people of all ages, from all walks of life, who work tirelessly to protect the environment and all its creatures because of their unflinching love for Mother Earth. They are committed to the conservation of nature by bringing about awareness through their actions – thus giving our planet a voice. These actions are intertwined with their daily lives, and can be as simple as saying ‘No’ to using plastic straws and bottles, starting a grassroots campaign in their community to protect their forests, to leading a national movement against coal mining. Most importantly, biodiversity heroes and heroines have the innate capacity to inspire others to sacrifice what they can to do the same.

Kitsie Torres, D.V.M.

Project Development Officer
Centre for Sustainability Philippines

A biodiversity hero is a person who has dedicated his or her life to nature, providing inspiration for the community and providing significant contribution to biodiversity conservation efforts. A biodiversity hero spreads awareness about the values of biodiversity and the sustainable preservation of natural heritage.

Sulviah Darmuh

Forest Extension
Lorentz National Park

Biodiversity simply means variability among living organisms. However, it has a greater definition, and it should be viewed in the wider context of environmental stability. A biodiversity hero is someone who truly understands its definition. Understanding its definition means knowing its significance to humanity and the planet. Recognising biodiversity’s importance means taking actions to help conserve and protect biodiversity. A biodiversity hero could be a scientist, a professional, or a simple individual, who has proven his utmost dedication for conservation. A biodiversity hero is someone who believes in collaborative efforts in creating a positive impact for biodiversity. Biodiversity conservation must be the greatest concern of all as it is being threatened due to habitat loss and degradation, overexploitation and unsustainable use, invasive alien species, pollution and climate change. Thus, our planet needs a hero who will transform everyone to become champions for biodiversity.

Adriane B. Tobias

Ambassador for SGD#15 – Life on Land
2030 Youth Force in the Philippines

Biodiversity heroes are people who dedicate their lives to preserving biodiversity with all of their heart and soul. Sometimes they are not aware that they are heroes because they only think of the best that they can give to preserve biodiversity.

Elisabeth Devi Krismurniati

Coordinator, Elephant Training Center
Way Kambas National Park

A biodiversity hero is someone who will be looked to by others because of his or her actions and advocacy, and from there will ignite the interest of people to respond to the global call of nature. This person aims to comply with the role of us, humans, to be the stewards of nature through his or her works in his or her field. Moreover, this individual fulfills the responsibility of sharing the consciousness that we should all be involved in biodiversity conservation. He or she is a reason of enkindling of more actions until we see the world lighted up by fiery passion to love every living thing on earth.

Patrick Angelo Narciso

BS Geology student, University of the Philippines
Scholar, Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit

A biodiversity hero can be an environmental activist who closely follows what is happening with biodiversity. He or she raises concerns when lives are affected by the changes in biodiversity. A biodiversity hero helps find new strategies to conserve biodiversity.

Lihuy Hok

Law Student, Royal University of Law and Economics
Exchange participant, AIESEC Global Volunteer Program

A biodiversity hero is a symbol of hope. He or she rallies people towards efforts that will make the world a better place for future generations.

Chit Hlaing Win

Assistant Director Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project, Forest Department,
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation

Biodiversity heroes are people who can inspire others to do their share in conserving the web of life.

Regia Ivonie

Intern, GIZ

A biodiversity hero could be a scientist, a professional, a ranger, or a simple person who cares enough to protect the web of life.

Myint Soe

Ranger Officer
Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division
Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
Park Warden Office, Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary

A biodiversity hero is someone who has genuine love and concern for biodiversity.

Phouvieng Lanmisay

Head of Forestry Department Dongkhamxang Agriculture Technical School (DATS)
Department of Technical and Vocational Education Ministry of Education and Sport

For me, a biodiversity hero is someone who stood up for the environment. He or she stood up for something that most of us had already forgotten.

Keizel Bonifacio

Development Communication student
University of the Philippines Los Baños